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How To Booklets by D/Bar Enterprises

Discription of booklets

Discription of booklets
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                   Rid your yard of Moles.
6 Pages of instructions on how to capture the moles in your yard or garden with out using traps or poisons. Then you have the option of destroying them or setting the little critter free in another area. Only $4.95, Plus shipping & handling.   
              Turning Concrete into Gold
12 pages of pictures and instructions for building many different projects for your yard. Or as a business. Only $8.95, plus shipping & handling.
               Ice cream Bicycles
Full instructions to use and old bicycle, plywood, a welder and & make an Ice-cream delivery bicycle. Only $6.95, Plus shipping & handling.
                   Black Jack
Here is a simple procedure to play black Jack and win. No card counting. Try it at home for only $5.95,Plus shipping & handling. Then go to a casino and make big money.
       Old frontier Recipe Collection.
72 old wood cook stove recipes, as good today as they were over 100 years ago. $6.95, Plus shipping & handling.
    How To Waterproof Your Wet Basement
Dry up your wet basement using items bought from your local hardware store, and save big money. Project completed inside your basement, no digging or outside work.
   Copyright 2004-2005 Bill Denny. All rights reserved.   Trade Mark = D/Bar enterprises.      


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